Sharpe Honored by Mayor & City Council

John Sharpe w/Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper

Vidalia High School Principal John Sharpe was presented the “Sweet Onion Citizen Award” by Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper, at the Vidalia City Council Meeting on Monday night. Sharpe will be leaving VHS at the end of the School Year to take over the CEO/Directors job at SECCA after serving nine years as its Principal.

“I really can’t think of anyone who is more deserving or better of this award than you,” said Mayor Roper. “I have a list of accomplishments which I am going to highlight because if we read them all we would be here all night. But when I think of you, the word that comes to mind is “ambassador” for our city. If f you look at your involvement, whether it be in education, your faith-based work, your volunteering in the community, or your work at the recreation department. Wherever you go you have a tremendous sense of pride in our community.”

Roper went on to talk about the effect that Sharpe has had on his life. “I still call you coach, from when you coached me in rec basketball and that was when I was nine. And because of the impact, you had on me you will always be my Coach. On behalf of the council and the city of Vidalia, thank you for pouring into the lives of countless young people, and thank you for the way you represent this city.”

Sharpe was joined by his family for the presentation and said, “my work in this community is not done yet. I will continue to work for this city. We have a lot to be proud of here and we all work hand in hand. I thank you for this honor, and I will work the rest of my days to show that I value this award.”

John Sharpe with Family at Vidalia City Council Meeting

John Sharpe Receives Sweet Onion Citizen Award

John Sharpe w/Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper