Seidling Honored at Retirement Celebration!

Sandy Seidling with family

After spending 23 years as the Vidalia City School System’s Accounting Specialist, Sandy Seidling said goodbye to her co-workers at the board office during a luncheon honoring her for her service and retirement. 
“You have been like family to me through the years, and I count each of you as my friend and family,” said Seidling. “Although I won’t be here every day, you must know that I will hold each of you close in my heart as I begin this next chapter in my life.” 

During the luncheon, Seidling was honored by others in the group, including former Superintendent Dr. Tim Smith, who said, “it was always a comfort to know that Sandy was here and helping to take care of the finances. As a Superintendent you have to have people who are willing to tell you no, you can’t do it that way, and Sandy was always that first line of defense.”

Vidalia City School CFO Norma Croft, who worked with Seidling for the entirety of her career, honored her co-worker and friend with an engraved replica of a Vidalia Onion and said, “Sandy was always pure Sunshine when she walked into the room. No matter what was going on in her life, she was the epitome of Grace and I will always take that with me.”

Current Vidalia City School Superintendent, Dr. Garrett Wilcox, summed the celebration up with a simple but very powerful comment about Seidling. “If everyone were as nice and compassionate as Sandy, this world would be a much better place.” 

Norma Croft, Seidling & Dr. Garrett Wilcox
Sandy Seidling
Norma Croft & Seidling
Sandy Seidling
Dr. Tim Smith
Sandy Seidling and Family