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Topic Department Phone
Superintendent Administration 912-537-3088 x2021
Vidalia Alternative School Alternative Education 912-537-3088 x2005
Accounts Payable Business and Finance 912-537-3088 x2001
Budget and Finance Business and Finance 912-537-3088 x2012
After School Program Community Services 912-537-3088 x2004
21st Century After School Program Community Services 912-585-2171
Student Testing Curriculum and Instruction 912-537-3088 x2006
Instruction / Curriculum Curriculum and Instruction 912-537-3088 x2006
FTE Data Collection 912-537-3088 x2022
JRT Athletics J. R. Trippe Middle School 912-537-3813 x5008
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance & Operations 912-537-3362 x2014
Educator Certification Personnel 912-537-3088 x2003
Payroll and Benefits Personnel/Human Resources 912-537-3088 x2013
Employment Information Personnel/Human Resources 912-537-3088 x2003
Bus Routes Pupil Transportation 912-537-0162
Free & Reduce Lunch Information School Food & Nutrition 912-537-9738
School Menus School Food & Nutrition 912-537-9738
Federal Programs School Improvement 912-537-3088 x2011
Social Worker / Attendance Student Services 912-537-3088 x2019
Special Education Student Services 912-537-3089 x2010
RTI Coordinator Student Services 912-537-3088 x2015
Gifted Services Student Services 912-537-3088 x2010
Special Education Academic Coach Student Services 912-537-3089 x2020
School Psychologist Student Services 912-537-3089 x2018
Technology Technology 912-537-3089 x2002
VHS Athletics Vidalia High School 912-537-8769
1001 North Street, West | Vidalia, Georgia 30474