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Graduation Letter From VHS Principal John Sharpe
Vidalia Comprehensive High
Posted On: Monday, June 15, 2020

Class of 2020, Parents and Friends,

This has been a difficult season for our Seniors, the Class of 2020. Lost were opportunities and special events associated with the last few months of school. Personally and professionally, I am disappointed for the students and their families. Our school is committed to giving the students as close to a normal graduation ceremony as possible. At the same time, it is imperative that we consider the safety of our students and their guests. For this reason, we have limited the number of tickets per graduate to eight guests. This limitation of tickets allows our students to have the opportunity to graduate on Buck Cravey Field with their classmates as well as allowing for social distancing. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are doing our best to accommodate social distancing requirements as we attempt to  preserve this very special milestone for our seniors.

Please review the special guidelines below that we believe will provide individual protection and give families the opportunity to enjoy this very special event.

  • Eight tickets per graduate will be issued. Everyone, including infants and children, who enters the stadium must provide a ticket at the gate. Some seats will be taped off to allow for special distancing of families.  Families are asked to sit together.

  • We will be streaming the graduation service live on our Facebook page. Elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems are encouraged to watch the live stream from home.  If you have a fever, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have symptoms associated with COVID-19, please stay home and watch the live stream of the Graduation Ceremony.

  • Students may share unneeded/extra tickets with other classmates if they are available. Tickets do not have specific seating; however,  family members will need to sit in the same location.

  • Guests with permanent handicapped parking permits will be allowed to park in the area behind the press box. There is only a limited number of parking places. All passengers who enter in the handicapped parking area must have a graduation ticket.

  • Gates will open at 8:00 a.m.. Please be mindful of the warm summer mornings. Guests who arrive early may want to sit in their vehicle to avoid extended time in the sun. We will have golf carts to shuttle guests who need assistance to their seats. No one will be allowed to enter the stadium after the ceremony starts.

  • No guests will be allowed on the field at any time. After the ceremony, all spectators should make their way to their vehicles while graduates are picking up diplomas from the main school building. Only graduates will be allowed inside the building after the ceremony to pick up their diploma and other awards and will then join friends and families off-campus for photos, family lunch and fellowship.  

  • In response to higher temperatures, one of our school sponsored clubs will be selling cold water if needed and we will also have EMTs on site.

  • As you arrive, during the service and after the service, please practice social distancing.


Again, we regret the inconvenience caused by this world wide pandemic. Our hope is for the students of the Class of 2020 to be honored by our efforts to provide a special ceremony commemorating graduation from Vidalia High School.



John E. Sharpe, Jr.



Jamie Sharpton                

Graduation Coordinator     


Ann Michelle Toole

Graduation Coordinator 

1001 North Street, West | Vidalia, Georgia 30474